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Kaye Ice Point Reference Datasheet [pobierz plik]

High stability Ice Point References Equipment to get the highest accuracy possbile from your thermocouples

The Kaye Ice Point references offer the ultimate in accuracy in automatic referencing. Used in applications ranging from precision calibration work to routine production testing, the units provide zero long term drift maintaining reference temperature at 0°C.

Three models, K140, K150 and K170, provide ice point references for multiple sensors.

Ice Point Reference with External Calibration Wells 
The K140 ice point reference, provides 4 calibration wells which accept a number of thermocouples depending on diameter-up to 16 type T, for example.

Ice Point References with Built-in Thermocouples 
For applications where frequent connections are made or when calibrating temperature instruments, the K150 or K170 is convenient. The models have built-in thermocouples connected to matching material posts. The K150 provides references for 2, 4, 6, or 8 sensors. The unit provides accurate simultaneous reference for up to 75 thermocouples.

The K170 is a rack-mounted reference with built-in thermocouples and matching material terminal strips for both inputs and outputs.

The K170 models with 6 to 75 channels are available with matching material terminal strip inputs and Military Standard connectors for outputs-includes mating connectors with wiring diagrams. Shielding can be provided for input and output terminals.

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łaźnia kalibracyjna - Kaye LTR-90 [pobierz plik]

Kaye LTR-90 ultra-cool dry well calibrator. Designed for portability and ease of operation 
from –95°C to +140°C.

Stirling cooler technology: reaches –80 ºC in 60 min; –95 ºC in 80 min
Temperature stability of ±0.015 ºC & Axial Uniformity 0.05°C Full Range
Ergonomics/industrial design with two-handle carry. Weight: 16 kg (35 lbs.)

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Łaźnie i piece kalibracyjne CTR, HTR, LTR [pobierz plik]

  • Liquid Baths & Dry Wells
  • High-temperature applications such as autoclaves, dry heat ovens and sterilizer tunnels.
  • Low-temperature performance for applications including freezers, cold rooms, incubators and autoclaves

  • Automatic control and fast heat up and cool down speeds up sensor calibration
  • Drywells and Oil baths cover operating range of Validator and ValProbe
  • Rugged and lightweight baths and references

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Sonda IRTD - wzorzec temperatury - instrukcja użytkowania [pobierz plik]
sonda IRTD - wzorzec temperatury [pobierz plik]

The intelligent resistant temperature device (IRTD) is a secondary standard. The self-contained IRTD allows you to cut system error in half while eliminating the cost and effort of calibrating supporting equipment.

  • Temperature range -195 to 420°C
  • Accuracy over range ±0.025°C
  • Resolution 0.001°C
  • DAkkS Certified Calibration, Traceable to NIST

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